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Feeling alone and afraid in the silent underground dungeon you kneel waiting.

Your hands are manacled behind your back, eyes wide open and staring beneath the black mindfold and your ears are straining to catch the slightest sound of Mistresses steel heels as She moves about the chamber.

The adrenalin surges through your blood as She walks towards you and your heart begins to race. Sweat breaks out and you lick your lips and taste the salt.

Full red lips brush your ear and Mistresses cool voice breaks through the sound your own heart is making inside your head.

"You slut!" she whispers.

You feel her hand grasp the mindfold and pull it away. You blink in the low flickering light from the iron lanterns, then stifle a scream as Her fingers entwine in your hair and drag you forward.

"Open your mouth!" she snarls and as you obey you feel something huge and silky smooth sliding between your lips and filling your senses with the smell and taste of latex.

Forcing your head up She thrusts the giant strapon dildo again and again into your mouth, her icy voice almost a caress as she urges you to take more and more of it"s hard length.

Finally, Mistress withdraws and releases her grasp on your hair. You relax for a few precious seconds and your heart slows fractionally as She stands looking down at you.

"Good boy" She purrs. "Now bend over that chair. This is going to hurt....."

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