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Located in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, Darklove Hurts is a mature lifestyle and scene Dominatrix with many years experience in most aspects of S&M / BDSM play.

Please note that the email link below - in common with all email links on websites - will only work if you have set up an email client on your PC, such as Outlook Express or Windows Mail for example. If you have not set up an email client on your PC, the link will not work. If you use browser based email such as hotmail, etc., you can either type the email address into your email or copy and paste it in.

I can be contacted at yields_to_you@yahoo.co.uk or via telephone at 07791 732 398 between the hours of 10.00 and 19.00. Phone calls are for bookings only and you must be able to provide a specific date and time when you call. This number only takes incoming calls. Mistress will not respond to texts or witheld numbers and she will not return your calls. If she is busy, please call again later.

All initial enquiries should be made to yields_to_you@yahoo.co.uk

Please do not make enquiries via the telephone - use email for enquiries

Bookings may be made via the telephone and confirmation will be made within twelve hours.